11 Surefire Window Display Ideas You Need To Learn About


Window display is one of the important elements of visual merchandising which serves as retailer’s 3D advertisement that is usually found in front of a retail store.  But, we cannot blame those retail store owners who do not know the great benefits they can get from a well planned and well-dressed store windows.

In fact, it safe to say that most small scale retail store owners all through out the world do not even know what visual merchandising is all about. It might be surprising but it is true


The 11 Essential Ideas

If you are thinking about how to capture the attention of the busy people and lure them into your store to make a purchase, let me share with you these 11 ideas.

Each of these point is link to an article from this blog which further discusses the topic that is being mentioned in each number. They are too long to incorporated on this single post that is why each of them are being discussed on separate pages.

1. Start with the Elements of an Effective Window Display

For sure you know that a water molecule is conseist of Oxygen and Hydrogen. You cannot have water without any of these elements. The same is true with window display, you need the elements before you can have the whole thing.

2. Get to know the Principles of an Effective Window Display

The principles will serve as guidelines to create a better project. It will tell you what you need to do and what you need not to do.

3. Be acquainted with the Types of Window Display Setting

The types of setting you use should also depend upon your target market and theme. Kids might love fantasy than elderly, and geeks willmostly get attracted to futuristic type than abstract.

4. Identify  the Categories of Window Display Themes

Thomes is the first thing to come in mind of visual merchandisers when planning a window display. Once a theme is chosen, the planner can to other necessary thing to make up a window. Finding good is easier when you which category of themes you wanted to focus into into.

5. Make sure to learn How to Do a Window Display

Dressing up windows is process and it requires skill to produce an effective display. Learning how to do a window have few thing to look into.

6. Realize the Importance of  Lighting to Window Display

I often mention on this blog that prople are not moth but people are also attracted to light. Our eyes easily notice and identify objects in light than in dark – it is truth.

7. Be Inspired by the Best Window Display Images in the Web

When you running out of creativity which oftetimes happen during lot of projects to considers, you need inspiration to rekindle you right brain. A friend once told me that we need borrow some idea form other creative individuals and make it better.

8. Find out Why Window Prepping is Important for Visual Merchandisers

I metioned on this article how window prepping can you you lessen you tasks and save time. The content also mention about the meaning of the term and how it is done.

9. Identify the Things That Grab Shoppers’ Attention

I know that you know that the first ubltimate goal of a window display is to capture attention. Just just other marketing tools, you need a trick in your display to catch the attenion of the people walking in the street in front of you shop.

10. Become Skilled at Giving Your mannequin a New Look

Mannequina are the most well-known props that are being talked about in visual merchandising. They are use in liue of human being. Juat like real human, they also need a make over  to look more elegant and pleasing.

11. Discover  why Paper Crafts are Important Props

We always want to focus on lees expensive materials to use on out venture of grabbing attention, presenting the mechandise well and increasing sales. This is the reason why we are giving more emphasis on the use of paper on our effort of achieving our goal.


Reference: http://the-creativity-window.com/2012/06/window-display-the-essential-ideas-you-need-to-learn-about/


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