Visual Merchandiser and The Oscars

Author: Caroline

Visual Merchandiser and The Oscars

Here at Visual Merchandiser, we were watching the Oscars with great anticipation. We were so excited to see who won, but more importantly, we were intrigued to see what the actors and actresses were wearing. One of our favourites from the night was Charlize Theron in Dior Haute Couture. Charlize Theron looked stunning in her strapless bright white floor length gown. The length and ‘fairytale’ aspect of the dress contrasted with her cropped hairstyle to create a modern day Cinderella look. Another look we really loved was Samantha Barks in Valentino. Occasions like the Oscars make celebrities usually dress in an extravagant manner. What we found really interesting about Barks choice was its simplicity. Excitement was added by the daring neckline and Barks looked stunning. We also loved Adele’s choice of dress which was created by Jenny Packham. What added interest to her dress was sequins and see through sleeves. Embellishment such as this is just the right amount of enhancement to make sure Adele sparkled. Anne Hathaway may have sparked a Twitter frenzy in this dress but we thought she looked fantastic in Prada. The soft rose colour enhanced her pale skin tone. The high neckline added a demure element and enhanced her slim figure. Kerry Washington wore a coral coloured Miu Miu dress and this contrasted against her skin tone. The embellished bust of the dress adds a contrast to the dress. Washington looked elegant as the train of her dress flowed behind her. Alicia Vikander looked stunning in Elie Saab. Her embellished dress swayed as she walked down the red carpet and the transparent sections created a peek a boo effect but she still looked sophisticated. Visual Merchandiser loves to see lots of fashionable celebrities walk down the red carpet. We can imagine these dresses on some of our mannequins and watching shows such as the Oscars gives us lots of ideas about what will be big in upcoming fashion seasons.




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